About Hope Church

Hope Church exists for the purpose of loving people- not just certain people, but all people, at all times, in all places. People matter to Hope Church because people matter to God. We are here to encourage you, and help you find your purpose. We are here to help you raise your family, and build relationships. We don’t want to do church with you. We want to do life with you.

There are so many problems facing people today, and the answers are not in anything that the world has to offer. We have the answer. It is Jesus- and Him alone.

You may be thinking, “Why another church?” The answer couldn’t be simpler. It is because the local Church is the Hope of the world. We recognize that there are great churches already in our area, and our hope is to join them in bringing authentic, life-change to our community. We are here to love the city, to serve its people, and to bring the Hope that will change the world.

Wes Beacham

Lead Pastor
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Wes Beacham is the founder and Lead Pastor of Hope Church. He was born and raised in Orlando, Florida, and has been a pastor for seventeen years.

Wes has impacted eternity having built two dynamic youth ministries and taken hundreds of people from around the world on short-term mission trips. He has spent the last eight years loving the people at World Changing Church, and in the surrounding neighborhoods in Orlando.

Wes seeks to build authentic relationships with everyone he meets. He is a passionate communicator and has a desire to encourage and inspire people.

Wes and his wife Diana have been married for sixteen years. They are a true ministry team and love serving people together. They have four children, Hope, John, Judah, and Selah.

Diana Beacham

Executive Director
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Diana was born in Kennesaw, Georgia, and raised in Orlando. She was born into a ministry family and has served the local church for most of her life. At the age of twelve, Diana knew that her life’s goal would be dedicated to serving God and His church. Diana attended Bible college where she and Pastor Wes met, and then married in 2005.

Since that time, Pastor Wes and Diana have been in full-time ministry for over 16 years together. Diana’s passion is to create safe places for others to know Jesus, and to come alongside them as they mature in their faith.

Diana loves spending time with her husband and four kiddos, trips to Disney, and Chick-Fil-A (who may or may not have thrown her a baby shower).

Gabriel Gibilisco

Creative & Worship Director
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Gabe was raised in Florence, New Jersey, and has been at Hope Church since 2016 but came on full-time in 2020.

He studied Digital Journalism and Creative Writing for his bachelor’s and has a Master’s in International Community Development all at Southeastern University. Gabe’s heart is for others to experience God in profound and impactful ways through worship—both in lifestyle and music. He has been involved in dynamic worship teams since he was 15 years old such as SEU Worship, Scarlett Thread, and other traveling worship bands both locally and internationally.

Gabe also loves Chipotle, Star Wars, and is rarely seen without a smile.

Ryan Claphan

Next Generation Director
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Ryan was born in Chicago, Illinois but was raised in Kansas City, Missouri. Ryan attended Baptist Bible College (BBC) in Springfield, MO and graduated with a bachelor degree in Pastoral Studies.

Ryan moved to Florida on New Year’s Day, 2021 when Ryan started working as the Next Generation Director at Hope. He oversees all of Hope Kids Elementary, as well as Hope Students. Ryan loves the Kansas City Chiefs and has a deep passion for investing in this world’s next generation!

Maggie Bell

Preschool Director
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Maggie was raised in Bedford, Indiana, and has been at Hope Church since its opening in September 2015. She served in the preschool area during the first year and officially came on staff in 2016 as the Preschool Director.

Maggie’s love for children’s ministry started as a child herself while serving alongside her family in her church’s nursery and preschool areas. Her mission is to teach kids about who Jesus is, and the importance of having a relationship with him while building a foundation that they can carry with them throughout their lives.

Maggie has one daughter, Olivia who also serves in Hope Kids.

Emily Claphan

First Impressions and Next Steps Director
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Emily grew up in the church with her parents serving in full-time ministry. She moved all over from a young age living in Philadelphia, Delaware, Missouri, Jacksonville, Dallas, and the Philippines (to name a few). Emily is quick to admit that serving God and his church is the only thing that brings her fulfillment which is why she is at HOPE Church today.

Emily met her husband Ryan at college and the two married in early 2021. They are expecting a baby in early 2022! She is heavily involved in leading HOPE students in addition to leading First Impressions.

Emily loves going to the beach and is a massive coffee drinker!

Abel Rosario

Music & Technical Director
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Abel was born in the Dominican Republic and moved to Florida at age 15. He attended and graduated from Southeastern University with a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems.

Through mutual friends, Abel began serving at Hope Church in 2015, the week after Hope launched, and has been loving it ever since. He discovered his passion for worship at a young age and has been blessed to be able to use his gifts for God’s glory.

He loves all things techy, good food, and watching sports.

Nichole Rosario

Social Media Director
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Nichole is originally from Delaware. She came to Florida and, in turn, Hope Church to follow the hottie keyboard player Abel (they are now married). She takes pictures and loves to travel! Some would say she is a little too into her dog, and if bargain shopping was a sport, Nichole would be a world champ.
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