Greater Love

Greater Love The deepest love poured out of the greatest sacrifice in history. A love that heals. A love that forgives. A love that welcomes. This season we celebrate the power of Christ’s love. The Bible says, "Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down...

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Arrows Have you ever tried really hard to be better at something and it just didn't happen? This was the day you were going to invite your friend to church, but they were out of town. This was the week you were going to start giving, but then you got hit with an...

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How To Stay Lit

How To Stay Lit Get a taste of what our students learned over their latest student retreat!

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Made for More

Made for More Your life matters, whether you realize it or not. You were made for more than just living out your years. The purpose of your life is greater than the daily grind and mundane tasks that fill our days. God has a master plan, and you are a part of it....

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The Table

The Table Have you ever considered how much life revolves around a table? Tables are staples in our homes, restaurants, schools, and office buildings. But a table is much more than a common piece of furniture. It is a reflection of the only thing Jesus ever built—the...

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Monsters There are MONSTERS each and every day that creep up and try to destroy our FAITH in Jesus. What does yours look like? What is it's name? Maybe it's fear, pride, lust, or even jealousy. The good news is that our ransom has been paid in full. Join us for a...

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The Big 3

The Big 3 Say WHAAATTT!!?? Yep, that's right...WE ARE TURNING THREE!

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